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About us

We are a Group of independent professionals and private owned banks, whose professional activity has been exclusively dedicated to managing asset to private individuals and large institutions. Built on the participation of a team of high profile professionals. Focused on the values sought by private clients and institutional investors, i.e. simplicity and quality, capital protection, absolute return. It is active in the management of open-end mutual funds, individual mandates and closed-end funds.



  1. Anthilia Capital Partners Sgr

    Anthilia Capital Partners Sgr Spa was founded thanks to the commitment of a team of professionals with a longstanding experience in the international and domestic asset management markets, such as Deutsche Bank AM, Comit Asset Management and Nextra Investment Management of the Intesa Group
  2. Launch of products

    The management team, based on distinctive competencies on listed markets, has developed quantitative and discretionary management strategies for absolute return. The first four funds with alternative strategies emerge in 2008: Anthilia Gray, Red, Green and Blue
  3. Anthilia White

    In 2010, the company structure is enriched with two new partners. New credit and property expertise are added to the team. Anthilia White is launched, a flexible discretionary sub-fund with a low volatility target
  4. Anthilia Yellow

    The range of open funds is widened with a new subordinated and high yield credit product: Anthilia Yellow is launched, a fund investing in bonds issued by financial sector companies with a minimum investment horizon of at least three years
  5. Private Debt

    Launch of the first fund Anthilia Bond Territory (BIT) and later Anthilia BIT Parallel Fund, private debt bonds specialized in bonds issued by Italian Small and Medium Enterprises
  6. Financial Consulting

    The Financial Advisory Service is dedicated to Institutional and High Net Worth Individuals: The service supports the investor in interpreting macro and market context analysis, in building efficient portfolios, in controlling and monitoring investments
  7. Anthilia Silver

    The team adds two new fund managers with long experience in the stock market. Anthilia Silver is launched, a long / short stock fund that can take long and short positions through edging strategies and stock-picking selection of companies in the portfolio.
  8. Anthilia Small Cap Italia

    Anthilia Small Cap Italia is launched, a PIR(Piani individuali di risparmio) compliant fund focused on Italian Small and Medium Enterprises. The fund, 100% equity, gives access to the tax benefits of the Individual Savings Plans, while at the same time capturing the investment opportunity in Italian Small Cap
  9. Innovative SME

    Anthilia becomes an innovative SME. First Asset Manager in Italy to enjoy the tax benefits provided for companies with high level of innovation, thanks to the registered trademark for the Podessys software, a financial advisory platform for high level "Investment Center"
  10. Anthilia Bit 3

    Five years after the launch of the first private debt fund, Anthilia Capital Partners, with Banca Akros, presents Anthilia BIT 3 a fund that invests in the development and internationalization plans for Italian SMEs, representing a complementary source of financing to credit banking.
  11. Anthilia BIT 4 Co-investment Fund

    The team adds the new Anthilia BIT 4 Coinvestment Fund, the Private Debt fund parallel to Anthilia BIT 3
  12. Anthilia Conservative e Anthilia Equity

    Launch of Anthilia Equity and Anthilia Conservative, two open-ended funds under Italian law dedicated to the Copernico Sim distribution network, focused respectively on the equity and fixed income markets.
  13. Anthilia Eltif Economia Reale Italia

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    Parte la commercializzazione di Anthilia Eltif Economia Reale Italia, fondo chiuso PIR alternativo. Strategia bilanciata su due asset class: PMI italiane quotate e debito privato emesso da imprese d’eccellenza non quotate. Il fondo prevede, in funzione dei risultati conseguiti e dei vincoli di legge, flussi periodici di provento a tassazione zero in conformità alla normativa sui PIR alternativi approvata dalla Legge di Bilancio 2021.
  14. Banco Desio entra in Anthilia

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    In esecuzione dell’Accordo di Investimento sottoscritto il 4 novembre 2021 tra Banco Desio, Anthilia e la sua controllante Anthilia Holding S.r.l., Banco Desio ha sottoscritto e liberato l’aumento di capitale deliberato dalla Sgr e riservato in sottoscrizione a Banco Desio per complessivi € 4,6 milioni circa. Banco Desio è così diventato titolare di una quota di partecipazione pari al 15% del capitale sociale della Sgr.



Direct Partner responsibility and alignment of interest between investors and managers


Investment choices reflecting the level of risk appetite of our clients


Over 200 years of cumulative experience of Partners and long-term results


Positive results over time and in different financial situations


No conflicts of interest. Complete autonomy in investment choices


Focus on real needs of our client, i.e. capital protection and transparency

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