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Giuseppe Sersale

Portfolio Manager

Graduated in Economics at University of Pavia, with experimental thesis on mathematical finance, he has 10 years experience as fund manager and 5 years as fixed income broker in leading investment banking Groups. Between 1992 and 1997 he undertakes various responsibilities at Banca Commerciale Italiana. In 1998 he joins the Group Asset Management company, in the money market team. In 2001 at Nextra Investment Management he is in charge for fixed income assets within the flexible funds team, and he later takes charge of credit and structured bonds within the institutional mandates team. In 2007 he joins BNP Paribas, as government bonds, covered bonds, and interest rates derivatives sales, covering Italian institutional clients. In 2010 he is in Citigroup with the same role. Since 6 years he regularly writes a daily newsletter commenting financial markets.