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Lucio Cuppini

Senior Advisor

Graduated in Law at University of Bologna. In 1984 he is in Banca Agricola Mantovana as Financial Department Officer. Since 1988 to 1993 at Unipol Finanziaria as Treasurer. In 1993 CFO and, in 1995, Head of Finance at Unipol Assicurazioni. Since 1999 to 2001 Finance and Life Products Managing Director at Unipol Assicurazioni. Since 2001 Indipendent Advisor to financial institutions in Bologna. Partner and Managing Director of Alfa Sigma, advisory company active in risk management and asset allocation, advisor of Plurima Low Volatility Fund. Board Member of banks, Italian and international asset management and life insurance companies. Since September 2010 Lucio is Partner of Anthilia.